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Help Centre

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use your brew kits if i don't own a WilliamsWarn™?

What is the shelf-life of your ingredients?

How long does the beer last in a WilliamsWarn™?

What is the cost to per brew litre or per dozen beers? What are the payback times for the hardware?

How many litres does the hardware make?

What happens when you run out of beer? Do we have to wait 7 days without beer?

Can you really make beer in 7 days? Isn't it cheating or making it too fast?

Are there any full-scale breweries making beer in 7 days and is it of a high standard?

What is the real advantage of your machine?

Can you really make a good beer with malt extract? Isn’t all-grain brewing better?

Can we use other people ingredients in this machine?

When you say the beer is 'commercial quality', do you mean flavourless beer, like in the US?

Who is your target market?

What other sorts of alcoholic beverages can be made in your machine?

Where can the CO2 cylinders be refilled?

Can you make gluten free beer with your system?

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