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Diary of a Virgin Brewer

I have always enjoyed a beer. From pinching a few of the old man’s Rheinecks and Reschs Pilsner’ to the odd “twist off” in my short lived University days, beer has played a varying role in my life to date; With tales that I am sure many of you can relate too, we will however leave those for another day ….. at the risk of exposing some remnants of my past that are best left as such!

These days, especially the last twelve weeks I have learnt more about beer and what it means to be a brewer than I ever thought I would, and I am learning a heap more every day. It is actually bloody interesting and not just a creation that creates interesting results dependant on the volume that you consume!

Gidday, I am Andrew Huxford, more commonly Huxy, and I am the new Sales Manager at WilliamsWarn. I am also a virgin brewer. I am going to have a crack at sharing my experiences of my first twelve weeks in the role.

Why am I here? Well a number of my friends have indicated that this could well be the perfect job for me! These are the people that have experienced my attachment to the amber gold over the years. Whilst tongue in cheek from my mates, it is hard after a short period of time to disagree with them. I have mentioned to a couple of people recently that it doesn’t actually feel like I go to work, and as you read on you will hopefully understand why.

I am here as I got too know my new leader on the side-line of my young lad’s football games. We both had sons in the team and we got to a talking. I heard about this WilliamsWarn initiative and my first reaction was pretty sceptical to be fair. “You can’t make beer that good, that inexpensively, in that short a time frame ….. otherwise someone else would have done it right?” I was wrong.

It didn’t take long to convince me that my scepticism (it took me three goes to spell that correctly), anyway my scepticism was inaccurate, and at that point I knew that this was something that I wanted to be part of. After a couple of heavily dropped hints from myself, and a short period of courting, I managed to land myself this role, which is pretty damn choice to be fair!

“So, be the brewer. Go and make these beers” they said. “Ok, what do I do?” “Go and watch the video online, will probably take you about 30 minutes the first time”.

It did …. and fourteen days later …… it was gone….

I had made ten litres of the exact same beer that had won a gold at the Asia Beer awards, ahead of multiple global brands …. in seven days, and then taken seven more to empty it (with the help of some friends and family (cough).

This was the first beer I had ever made in my life and I have to admit it was damn good. I have always been a bit of a lager lout (green bottle drinker), and what I had made was a Dutch Pilsner with small amount of Motueka Hops, the exact same beer that won the gold medal. I have no reason to bullshit you, it took me 30 minutes and was the freshest beer I have tasted in my life!

These are actual quotes that I have witnessed first-hand in my first twelve weeks in the role:

“This is black magic” – Guy Randell – The Trusts Waitakere.

“….tastes f&^*ing amazing this sh*t is genius you guys are genius gunna be a slow day at work tomorrow” – happy first-time brewer

“Huxy, this stuff is bloody good” – Various

“You made that in seven days” (shouts to partner) …. “Love, you have to come and try this, they even do cider” – Farmer at field days

“My first brew is bloody great “excuse my language” … Friends and family enjoyed a small sample I gave them ha ha, to be honest the whole setup is so easy to use, and the crisp taste and clarity is much better than I anticipated” – e-mail from customer

“In reply to your email, first brew down & sampled. Turned out brilliant. I did the ‘English Ale’ went down a treat. Many envious mates at the moment” – email from customer

Good evening Andrew, my first brew is pretty good if I do say so myself (bohemian pilsner) – email from customer

“F*&ken unreal bud, should be pouring tonight and second brew going down tomorrow”

“50 litres poolbeg Pilsner sold out 7.50pm Fri gents, tapped Tuesday, we better get a second Brewkeg shipped in” – Dermot Murphy – WilliamsWarn Brewer – Wellington

As you can see from some of the quotes in a short space of time, this product has something pretty special about it.

“It is unique, it is easy, and it has the ability to go global” This is the quote that got me across the line and is why I am here today. Those that know me know that I am not generally an animated person, I was born into a slightly monotone voice (matches the monobrow) and tone and pitch have been challenges my career! Another thing that those that know me will validate is that I don’t tend to beat around the bush, corporate speak is used only when required, and the you will generally know where I stand.

As such, this product, and the product it produces is outstanding! I am now part of something that doesn’t feel like going to work, I am now part of something that is kiwi ingenuity at its finest, I am now part of something that is going to (through hard work) be present on the global stage.

In my next week crack at a blog I am going to talk about a few things that make this product pretty unique. Quality, creativity (or not), ease, and value. You can get into this for as little as $1000. It is not a cost, it is an investment in a bloody good experience, good fun, great beer (and cider), and part of what is already a kiwi success story.

Be in touch soon,


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