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Finding a leak in your Brewkeg

Finding a leak in your Brewkeg

Leaks are one of those pesky things and can cause all sorts of issues so it is better to get these sorted sooner rather than later. The great thing about Brewkeg™ system is the lid design is pretty simple so finding a leak is reasonably straight forward. Follow the steps below to find the source of a leak and if you can’t get it fixed up let us know and we can get it sorted.


  • If your keg is empty, fill it up with water so that you don’t use a lot of CO2 getting it up to pressure. You should also make sure all your seals etc are clean prior to testing as one of the most common causes of leaks is equipment that has not been cleaned properly.
  • Pressurise your keg up to 2 Bar using your regulator with the VPRV fully closed. If you have a brew in there currently, pressurise to 1.5 Bar instead with the VPRV fully closed.
  • Install a balloon over the top of the VPRV as per the photo. If your VPRV is leaking this will inflate over time.
  • While waiting for the balloon to inflate you can fill a spray bottle with soapy water and spray over the top of the lid. Pay particular attention to the rim of the lid, the base and top of the posts and well as around the VPRV area. If there is a leak you will notice the water bubbling away.
  • If you have a leak from the lid seal, you will need to de-gas your keg and reset your seal.
  • If it is in the VPRV call WilliamsWarn and ask for advice.
  • If it is from the base of the posts try tightening then slightly with a spanner.
  • If it is from the top of the posts or you cannot fix a leak at the base of the posts by tightening, get in touch with WilliamsWarn.
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