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Tips to Help Get the Best Out of Your Seasonal Beer

In part one of this series we discussed the global rise of craft beer and the reason for its popularity, in part 2 we jumped right into the seasonal beer trend. And so, it’s time we got down business and talked about drinking it! This isn’t simply about necking it out of a bottle, oh no, this is about you tasting an IPA and getting the clear impression of mot hops, citrus and pine or the mild, crisp, refreshing flavour you get from drinking a pilsner; those are some of the best drinking experiences there are.

Here are some good tips to help you get the most out of your beer:

Beer tastes best fresh.

Yes indeed. Beer tastes best fresh. Full stop. Beer has four enemy’s, light, heat, oxygen and time. All beers, except for those you brew yourself, are at some point exposed to each of these factors. If your buying your craft beer in a bottle there is nothing you can do to avoid this. It’s similar to those fresh herbs in your fridge, as each day goes by they lose flavour and quality. It’s simple, the longer a bottled or canned beer remains un-drunk, the more it’s flavour fades before eventually disappearing.

So, the first thing to look at when you’re in the beer section of the supermarket or your local liquor store is the ‘use by’ date. Hoppy beers like IPA’s, in particular, lose a significant amount of flavour and aroma after time — yes even the good ones. For best results, when checking expiry dates look for beers bottled no longer than 30 days prior. If you find it was bottled 90 days or more, get out of there fast, you’re paying good money for bad beer.

Use Proper Beer Glassware.

Just like with wine, there are specialty beer glasses designed to get the most out of different styles of beer. Pilsner glasses are tall and slender. Belgian beers should be served in wide-brimmed glasses that appear more like goblets. Some beers even come with the proper glassware depicted on the bottle.

Whether you’re to take the time to make your own or invest your hard earned cash to purchase top-quality beers, grab a handful of style-appropriate glasses while you’re at it. Once you have a set of the necessary glasses, you won’t have to worry about buying them again. If you are wondering which type of glass you should be using for each flavour, follow the lead of your local bars and pubs, they have gotten much better as this in recent times and for the most part, any good bar that stocks a large range of Craft Beer will pour using the correct glassware.

Serve Them at the Correct Temperature.

Despite what certain beer advertisers might say, beer should not be served ice cold. Of course, if you’re getting into a pilsner after going 5 sets with your mate who thinks he’s Roger Federer, you can certainly make an exception for refreshment’s sake, but on the whole, you should serve your beer slightly warmer than you might serve a Margarita.

Generally lighter beers are severed at lower temperatures and heavier more flavoursome beers are served at higher temperatures, this suits the seasonality of your beer styles, typically, you get more flavour from the beer at higher temperatures.

As with glasses, different beers are best served at different temperatures. If you would like to know what temperature you should be drinking your beer of choice, the WilliamsWarn Beer Thinkers Forum is a good place to ask the question.

Next time you’re at the supermarket selecting your beer for the evening, take your time and be picky. You’re spending your hard-earned cash on good beer because you want to enjoy it, you owe it to yourself to get the most bang for your buck. If you check dates and only buy from chilled shelves chances are your experience will be pure deliciousness!

Perhaps you remain unsure about which beer styles you are most likely to enjoy, for the ‘undecided’ we’ve created this fun ‘Beer Style Finder’ to help you decide! Either way, your beer style is unique to you and the best way for you to know what you like is to jump in the deep and swim!

Want to brew your own fresh, cold, perfectly carbonated beer in only 5 days!

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