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2 Tap Stainless Steel Font Set

2 Tap Stainless Steel Font Set

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2 Tap Stainless Steel Font Set.

2 Tap Stainless Steel Font Set that connects to the WilliamsWarn® Kegerator with the option to add a 3rd beer tap if need be. Perfect for anyone who has an existing Kegerator and wants to upgrade to high quality stainless steel taps flow controlled with 1/6" OD beer tubing which allows for a perfect pour when dispensing fresh beer.

What's included: - Stainless steel gas and liquid disconnects and tubing for two kegs - Double Tap Brushed Stainless Steel Font Kit (with 2 Ultratap Taps) - Rubber gasket for Font - Tool for installing tap and regulator. A Co2 Cylinder and Regulator will be required.  

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