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BrewKeg10 Complete Pack AUS

BrewKeg10 Complete Pack AUS

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The complete pack for a brewer that wants to brew 10 litres and dispense directly from the BrewKeg10™ through the taps on the Kegerator. There is also the option to transfer into Cornelius kegs and serve through the taps on the Kegerator. Ferment in your BrewSnug™ outside of the kegerator to ensure that your fridge continues to serve beer if you so desire. (This requires extra corny kegs sold separately). 

The Kegerator comes with 2 x taps and all the gas and beer tubing and connections. Also included in this package is a BrewKeg10™, BrewSnug10™ BrewKeg™ Sundry Accessory pack (thermometer, non-scratch sponge, spatula, BrewCleaner, BrewClear), 50ml Dosing device, BrewKeg™ Pressure Gauge, a premium Micromatic regulator and a full 4.5kg Co2 cylinder.

The BrewKeg10 specifications including dimensions, volume and weight can be found here.

To learn more about kegerator dimensions and under-bench mounting guidelines, click these links.

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