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BrewKeg10 Complete Pack Plus AUS

BrewKeg10 Complete Pack Plus AUS

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The BrewKeg10 is an all-in-one pressure fermentation device that allows you to ferment, carbonate, clarify and dispense your beer or cider from a single vessel. The complete pack for a brewer that wants to brew 2 x 10L batches and dispense directly from the BrewKeg10™ through the taps on the Kegerator. There is also the option to transfer into Cornelius kegs and serve through the taps on the Kegerator. 

The Kegerator comes with a Micromatic regulator, 2 x taps and all of the gas and beer tubing and connections. Also included in this package is 2 x BrewKeg10™,  BrewKeg10™ Sundry Accessory pack, Dosing device, BrewKeg10™ Pressure Gauge, BrewSnug10™ and Full 4.5kg Co2 cylinder. PLEASE CHECK the available locations for gas refills to ensure there is something convenient for you.  

The BrewKeg10 specifications including dimensions, volume and weight can be found here.

To learn more about kegerator dimensions and under-bench mounting guidelines, click these links.

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