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The BrewSnug25™ is a neoprene fitted jacket with built in temperature controller and heating band designed specifically for the BrewKeg25™. A thermostat probe attaches directly to the sediment bottle to read the temperature where it matters most. As a stand alone heating device, the BrewSnug25™ allows brewers to maintain a minimum brewing temperature for fermentation without the need to tie up a beer serving fridge for the same purpose when you would prefer to be drinking from the fridge! The BrewSnug25™ has been tested to an ambient surrounding temperature of 4°C, at which it is able to maintain a 20°C brewing temperature for the BrewKeg25™. It is important to note that the BrewSnug25™ will only work on the new style of BrewKeg25™. The older style BrewKeg25™ is slightly taller and won’t fit inside the BrewSnug25™.

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