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Corny Keg 19L

Corny Keg 19L

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19 Litre Corny Keg.

The WilliamsWarn® Corny Kegs have always been a favourite with our customers. From taking beer with a soda stream bottle and plastic tap to a party, to ensuring that you can keep the beer pouring while you fully utilise the BrewKegs™ and BrewMaster™ for brewing, our corny kegs always come to the rescue! Available in both 9.5L and 19L sizes these stainless-steel vessels with rubber protection of base and posts provide a great solution for many a personal brewer. You can fit three of these Corny Kegs inside your kegerator or generally more than one if you are using your own fridge at home. A BrewKeg™ Transfer Kit (Corny Keg) is required for transferring from a BrewKeg™. A BrewMaster™ Transfer Kit (Corny Keg) is required for transferring from a BrewMaster™. 

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