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Premium Dosing Device (50ml/1.69 fl oz)

Premium Dosing Device (50ml/1.69 fl oz)

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Premium Dosing Device for BrewKeg12.5™ and BrewKeg25™ (50ml/1.69 fl oz).

Portable dosing device to dose WilliamsWarn® BrewClear™ into any number of BrewKegs™.

A Premium version of our 50ml Dosing Device that uses our own designed Stainless-steel Liquid disconnect. The improved disconnect design relates to the collar that enables you to leverage the sprung part of the disconnect with your 2nd and 3rd fingers for easy connection and removal. On the gas side, it connects to a gas bottle or gas line and on the output side it connects to the beer out port on the lid of the BrewKeg™. Required for BrewKeg10/12.5™ and BrewKeg25™. 

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