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WW Dry Apple Cider 23/25 Litre Kit

WW Dry Apple Cider 23/25 Litre Kit

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Apple Cider Kit

This kit makes a pleasant and appealing Apple Cider. Our kit is made from the highest quality with 100% NZ Grown Apples (50% Gala, 25% Braeburn and 25% Jazz) and the result is a clean and crisp cider. The apple flavours are light and pleasant and the overall taste is refreshing. The yeast supplied is a 11g pack of Fermentis S-04 yeast. There is also a 10g Yeast nutrient to assist the yeast in fermenting the juice. Add it to the must and stir in before adding the yeast. This pouch should be made up to 23/25 litres of juice (5 Imperial gal/6 US gal) by adding water, which should then be pitched with the yeast after rehydration in water. Original Gravity: 1.042 (10.5°P). Ferment until Final Gravity is 1.010 (2.5°P) which should be on Day 4 and put the cooling on to allow for some residual sweetness. Alcohol will be 4.20%. DO NOT CLARIFY. The yeast will settle with the cooling and the cider will be clear. Alternatively allow the yeast to ferment further for a few more days and it will stop at about 1.007 and the cider will be 4.59% alcohol by volume. Ferment at 23°C/73°F. Apple juice concentrate should be stored  below 20 degrees Celsius to maintain the intended colour of the product. Concentrate stored above this temperature will darken over time. Flavour is not affected by the storage temperature   

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