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WW Irish Red Ale 23/25 Litre Kit

WW Irish Red Ale 23/25 Litre Kit

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WW Irish Red Ale 23/25 Litre KitAn easy drinking pint. Our Irish Red Ale has a deep-amber, light-copper appearance from crystal and black malts included in the recipe. The malt focus gives this beer caramel, toffee and toasty notes and a slight dry, roasted-grain finish. The hops provide a moderate level of bitterness. Overall, this is an interesting beer that is a pleasure to produce and appreciate. The yeast used is an 11g pack of Nottingham ale yeast. Ideally, ferment at 73°F/23°C for 4 days, after which time the S.G. should be close to 1.011. Complete ingredients set to make 23 litres Irish Red Ale. Contains an 11g sachet of Lallemand Nottingham ale yeast.

North Island (non rural) 1-2 days

South Island (non rural) 2-3 days

Rural + 2 days

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