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WW Kegerator with 2 taps

WW Kegerator with 2 taps

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The WilliamsWarn Kegerator can be used to both ferment and dispense fresh beer using WilliamsWarn brewing technology. Up to two BrewKeg10s™ can fit in the Kegerator at the same time in conjunction with a heating belt and temperature controller and The WilliamsWarn Kegerator becomes your temperature controlled brewing environment. Check out our BrewKeg10™ Complete Pack Plus for more information. The WilliamsWarn Kegerator can dispense a variety of dispensing kegs once the brewing process is complete. There are two styles of kegs that are used, the most common for personal use is a Cornelius Keg which is available in 9.5 and 19L. The other style of keg which is commonly used in bars is a D- Sanke keg which is available in 20L, 30L and 50L kegs. The D-Sanke kegs will require a Coupler and a Liquid and Gas Adapter. Additionally a BrewKeg25™ can fit into the WilliamsWarn Kegerator once it has finished the brewing process and the sediment bottle and stand has been removed. You cannot brew using a BrewKeg25™ or BrewKeg50™ inside a Kegerator. Includes a Kegerator, 2 tap beer font, all tubing and fittings to connect to 2 Cornelius Kegs. What else do you need: - BrewMaster™ or BrewKeg™ Transfer Kit - Standard or Micromatic Regulator - Cornelius Kegs (9.5L or 19L) or D-Sanke Kegs (20L,30L or 50L) - CO2 Cylinder: The Kegerator comes with a bracket to attach the Co2 Cylinder on the back Kegerator Dimensions Kegerator without wheels: H-83 W-60 L-60 Kegerator with Wheels: H-88 W-60 L-60 Kegerator with CO2 Bottle mounted on the back: H-88 W-60 L-78 The font stands an extra 40cm high

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